Monday, July 18, 2011

Amber... the forbidden dark energy.

This next song will throw you for a loop.  It has an almost untouched intro and verse and right when your are confident that's all there will be and you dismiss it as "eh", it shows its dark energy side.  As most of you may know the original is by 311, while this remix is by Chubby Fingers, which has to be one of the most awesome names ever. Chubby Fingers is a group of 3 djs out of the San Francisco area who do not have chubby fingers, but they do have the same DJ face... as seen here.  Jazz-e, Booker, and BlaQuest (pronounced Black Quest) have been producing and DJing music for many years and play/produce a wide range of dance music. I figure if I actually enjoy the dubstep, I will probably enjoy the other types as well, but I haven't looked so much yet.   Hope you enjoy this track and happy listening.  
311 - Amber (Chubby Fingers Dubstep Bootleg) FREE DOWNLOAD! by Chubby Fingers

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